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Make your region a

huge playground

Guidos Pro is a suite of digital tools designed for tourism and outdoor professionals (destinations, sporting events, etc.) to help them promote and enhance their outdoor activities (summer/winter). Take advantage of a suite of promotional and management tools that meet your every need, and that you can manage with total autonomy.

Playground widget

The “Playground” widget is integrated into your website, enabling your guests to view the full range of possibilities in your region on a single map.

Highlight widget

The “Highlight” widget lets you integrate route details on a dedicated web page. This tool is fully customizable (functions, colors) for successful integration on your site.

Guide web app

The “Guide” web app, easy to use and quickly mobilized (via Qr Code), lets you promote your content at strategic locations in your region. platform

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the platform only lists professional content promoted by tourist destinations or outdoor professionals. Users can rest assured that every route is validated, secure and constantly updated.

CMS Manager

The CMS “Manager” is a simple, effective content management system that lets you manage your outdoor content and your various distribution tools.

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